Stephen S. Talley, PSY.D., Licensed Psychologist
Stephen S. Talley, PSY.D. Licensed Psychologist

Feeling depressed or anxious?

Just not knowing what to do?

I am here to help.

I have helped thousands of individuals and families to move forward when challenged, confused or unsure. I been serving Bend since 1989, helping  adolescents, adults and families. The therapy work is to facilitate seeing life’s situations more clearly and making choices that help build greater health and well-being.

I have seen first hand over the decades the positive benefits of psychotherapy and the “doctor-patient” relationship. In therapy I encourage and assist patients to pay close attention to their personal thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions. This paying attention together is the “therapy work”.  Processing what is going on? Clarifying what has really happened?  What seems to be the next step forward? What is most helpful in the big picture? What will bring greater health and well-being?