Stephen S. Talley, PSY.D., Licensed Psychologist

Stephen S. Talley, PSY.D., Licensed Psychologist
Stephen S. Talley, PSY.D. Licensed Psychologist

Hard times are one of life’s guarantees.  Sometimes the hard times are more than ‘a bump in the road’.  Sometimes life is overwhelming; one big wave after another pounding away, you can scarcely catch your breath and recover.  For some, these severe, chronic situations bring depression or anxiety.  For others, self-defeating behaviors or chronic self-criticism can take hold.  The first step is recognizing your having a hard time; you’ve gotten stuck.  A good second step is seeking professional consultation and psychotherapy.  That’s where I can help.

The age range of my ideal client is adolescence through adulthood.  They may know they are getting into an unproductive rut or simply agree with a loved one who is telling them they are concerned.  I am very experienced in helping individuals and families sort out the problems and figure out a path forward.  For over 30 years I have worked together with thousands of individuals and families, helping them move forward toward better health and well-being.

Many physicians refer their patients to me who need more frequent follow-up.  I am glad to coordinate my services with on-going medical care,  for example: depression, anxiety, diabetes management, cancer treatment, bereavement and family loss.

I seek to embody compassion, understanding, insight and active listening with every patient I see.